Led osvetlenie


Industrial LED Lighting is the most economy, reliable and comprehensive device for conversion of traditional sodium, halogen or mercury discharge lamps.

Advantages of LED lighting

  • low energy consumption
  • long life
  • better colour rendering
  • no maintenance operation

LED workplace lighting

LED machine lamps

  • suitable for lighting at the workplace with shakeouts
  • two level dimming switch
  • 750 mm long arm, flexible in all directions
  • consumption 2 W



LED  light bulbs for public lighting - retrofit

LED light bulbs for public lighting is the direct replacement of sodium, halogen and other discharge lamps in public lights. LED retrofit light bulbs with E40 or E27 base are the most used replacements and provide in various colours and power. In case of good health fixture this is the most economic solution.
LED 2G11 is also provided for luminaires Modus or Atache. 
Another advantage is no maintenance costs in regard to longevity of LED technology.