Solárne osvetlenie

During day photovoltaic cells charging batteries and after dusk the batteries power LED light in the lamp.

Solar light comprise of

  • photovoltaic modules

  • batteries                                

  • LED light

  • light sensor/PIR sensor

  • controller

Solar lights you can use everywhere where sun lights. I our E-SHOP is our offer of solar lights, solar wall lights, solar garden lights, solar path lights.

          Advantages of Solar Lights


          no consumption, no bills for electricity

          no cables

          no dig up pavements and driveways

          buildings turn to simple assemblage

There are few rules that for Solar Lights generally apply

◾more sun light causes more electric energy
◾more powerful solar module causes more electric energy
◾higher capacity battery causes more electric energy
◾more electric energy means longer lighting or higher light intensity
◾controller can extend light time

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